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How to Choose the Matching Bridesmaids Jewelry

Le 14 novembre 2017, 05:07 dans Humeurs 0

If the dress makes the wedding, then I say the jewelry makes the dress. Jewelry is often a popular option to express your gratitude, as it is a gift that truly reflects your appreciation and their investment. Jewelry is also a special gift given to the bridesmaids by the bride for being a part of her special day. Everyone knows that jewelry is as much a part of a wedding as the bride and groom are. You have your wedding rings, your cufflinks, necklaces and earrings. Jewelry is also a special gift given to the bridesmaids by the bride for being a part of her special day.

Matching Jewelry to the Dress Color

When selecting bridesmaid jewelry, the color of the dress is one of the most important factors to consider. If the dress is light pink, darker pink bridesmaid jewelry helps to bring out the color and offer some flare to the gown. If the dress is a darker color, lighter colored jewelry of the same color makes a great option. Dresses that are pale or very light-colored pair great with pearl bridesmaid jewelry sets, faux diamonds, or gold metal jewelry.

In addition to matching the bridesmaid jewelry to the color of their dresses, it is a good idea to match the jewelry to the bridal jewelry worn by the bride as well. If the bride is wearing sterling silver, the bridal party needs to avoid wearing gold jewelry. If the bride is wearing a pearl necklace, the bridal party should match the bride with pearl earrings, but not necessarily the same necklace.

When selecting bridesmaid jewelry, the neckline of the dress needs careful consideration. Pearls are a classic look that pair well with any style of dress, while other necklace options, such as large chains or V-shaped necklaces, do not pair well with certain necklines. It is a good idea to remember to keep it simple when buying jewelry sets for the bridesmaid or any of the bridal party. Extravagant or large jewelry pieces tend to be a distraction in photographs. Balance out bare skin and jewelry for amazing wedding photos.

Consider Hair Accessory Jewelry Sets

If the bridesmaid dress does not pair well with necklaces, and long sleeves make it tough to wear bracelets, hair jewelry is a great alternative to the more traditional jewelry choices. Personalize hair jewelry just like other pieces for a special touch. Hair jewelry offers a simple, yet elegant, touch to any dress.

Hair jewelry options are available for hairstyles that are up, down, and even slicked back. Tiaras are a popular choice for bridesmaid gifts, and can be elegant and simple or flamboyant and flashy. Tiaras work well with any hairstyle, making them great gifts for any wedding. If the bridesmaid is wearing her hair down, cute barrettes work well, and if wearing her hair up, a pearl hair comb is a great option.

Pop Street Styles with Fashion Accessories

Le 20 octobre 2017, 10:20 dans Humeurs 0

Do you often amazed by a women's fashion accessories style on the street. If you want to know the biggest trends for street styles. Check out the following 5 trends you can copy.

Peaked caps. The classic black sailor cap, with gold braid accents, seems to be a must have of all fashionistas… But will it lose its crown to the beret soon?

Bags with circle handles. With metal or wooden circle handles, the coolest bags come in rigorous, structured shapes!

Princess crown rings. Every princess needs a crown. Crown rings are often applied as crown promise rings and engagement rings. Wear fairytale-come-true with the modern style and elegance of the sterling silver Princess Crown Ring will make you look beautiful.

White Shoes. Where Loulou de Saison goes we follow, and her dedication to white shoes this season has not gone unnoticed. Invest in pointy boots like the fashionista, or take heed from Lisa Aiken of NET-A-PORTER in sandal-like designs.

Belt bags. Trust us: there is nothing more convenient or cooler right now. You can wear it the traditional way, on your waist, maybe to close a jacket or a coat; or you can sling it over your shoulders like a celebrity.

Top Fashion Bridal Jewelry from Fall 2017 to 2018

Le 12 octobre 2017, 05:52 dans Humeurs 0

Choosing the matching bridal jewelry is not a easy task. Perhaps one of the most popular jewelry items in terms of bridal jewelry is the ring. Here are the top bridal jewels to covet for this wedding season–from primary hues to organic diamond slices from 2017 to 2018.

Green Emerald Jewelry

While something blue will always be a requisite bridal extra, green baubles compliment most eye colors as well as gowns from traditional to super-sleek.

Chain Gang

Sharp column gowns and minimal silhouettes look best when paired with edgy accessories like bold gold cuffs or dainty links that feel modern yet timeless.

Elegant Edge

Fine jewels with a tough side–like black diamonds, dagger finishes and edgy motifs–are right for the bride looking for more of a fashion moment than a fairy tale feel.

Over the Moon

Moonstones (and opals) pick up subtle color variations in soft-colored gowns–from blush to champagne to platinum grey–and feel a bit more fresh than classic diamonds.

Vintage Wedding Rings Sets

The most popular jewelry items in terms of bridal jewelry is the ring. Vintage wedding rings sets are always loved by women.

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